1 billion

...number of people worldwide who depend on fish for their primary source of protein

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The U.S. Department of State hosted the Our Ocean Conference from June 16-17 in Washington D.C. Leaders from around the world came together to discuss actions and commitments to ocean health to support food security and shared prosperity. 

Our Ocean Conference

In honor of Restoration Week, learn more about mangrove restoration solutions and how healthy habitats can provide food, jobs and coastal protection. 

Guinea Bissau Community Canoes in Mangroves

The Global Oceans Action Summit brings together global leaders in government, business, civil society, and science to demonstrate measurable steps toward ocean health. The Summit highlights successful integrated approaches to public-private partnerships, catalytic financing, secure ocean governance. Roundtable events will address the balance between growth and conservation, private sector and community benefits, and issues of regional and national jurisdiction

Global Oceans Action SummitThe Global Oceans Action Summit – at The World Forum Conference Center in The Hague 22-25 April, 2014 - will bring together global leaders in government, business, civil society, and science to demonstrate measurable steps toward ocean health.

Scientists from around the world collaborate to tackle the issue of setting priorities when it comes to marine conservation. Conservation International Director of Marine Science, Elizabeth Selig explains the process and how it can be put into action on the global and regional scale. 

Mapping Priorities for Biodiversity Conservation

A collaboration between the World Bank, Food and Agriculture Agency and the International Food Policy Research Institute, the report highlights the need for increased investment in sustainable aquaculture to meet the demand for fish as global population grows and appetites for fish increase. 

Man works on fish farm

A unique panel of business, government, conservation and academic leaders has agreed a global strategy for aligning ocean health and human well-being. The Blue Ribbon Panel, including 21 global experts from 16 countries, emphasizes that without action to turn around the declining health of the ocean, the consequences for economies, communities and ecosystems will be irreversible.  

Indispensable Ocean Report Cover

Our ocean knows no borders. We need a global solution to the global challenge of ocean health. Watch how the GPO fights poverty and food insecurity with healthier oceans.

Global Partnership for Oceans Video

Partners for action. The Global Partnership for Oceans is a new and powerful approach to restoring ocean health. It mobilizes finance and knowledge to activate proven solutions at an unprecedented scale for the benefit of communities, countries and global well-being. Read More»