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Policy-makers, scientists, businessmen, and fishermen from all over the world are calling out for urgent action to better manage and protect marine resources. Oceans touch their lives in different ways but they all agree that the time to act is now. Some have taken action and say it's possible to restore the oceans' health and productivity. Others raise the alarm and explain how oceans are a source of life, livelihood, and survival.

Video - What is the GPO?

Our ocean knows no border. For decades now we've known that our ocean is in trouble and no matter what part of the globe you live on, we all have the same thing at stake. Learn how the GPO is working toward ocean health for poverty reduction and food security.

Video - Oceans on the Brink: English, French, Spanish

Watch how oceans sustain us and why we need a new approach to protecting them.

HuffPostLive: Ocean Health and Climate Change

Climate change and the health of our oceans go hand in hand. We are facing ocean degradation caused by climate change. This panel of experts from ISSF, GLISPA, Smithsonian and XPRIZE show ways that the ocean can provide solutions for climate change.

Video - Marine Experts, Seafood Industry, Urge Action Now to Save Oceans

The Blue Ribbon Panel releases a report that suggested a way forward to align ocean health and human well-being. Read the report, Indispensable Ocean.

Video - Meet the Blue Ribbon Panel

The Blue Ribbon Panel comprises leaders from 16 countries, representing government, the private sector, non-profit organizations, academia, and multi-lateral institutions.

Video -  Linking Healthy Oceans, Communities and Economies in Asia

The challenges facing Asia’s ocean resources have been the subject of intense work and collaboration for decades. This video highlights the connection between healthy oceans and healthy communities in this region. Read more here.

Video - World Oceans Day

Partners of the GPO discuss world ocean day and why we need to take action now to protect our critical resources.

Video - Interview with Dr. Sylvia Earle, Sylvia Earle Alliance

On the sidelines of a tourism event convened by the GPO, legendary oceanographer, Dr. Sylvia Earle, gave an interview on a wide-ranging set of issues including eco tourism, challenges facing the oceans, and the importance of partnerships.

Video - Oceans in the Spotlight

Video from the first meeting of supportive organizations of the Global Partnership for Oceans (GPO)

Video - Interview with Rachel Kyte on the GPO

In this interview with Oceans Inc., Rachel Kyte, the Vice President of Sustainable Development for the World Bank, talks about how the Global Partnership for Oceans came together.

Wendy-Watson Wright, Assistant Director General and Executive Secretary, Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, UNESCO (01:14)
Nana Nketsia, Paramount Chief, Republic of Ghana (01:57)
Florence Chenoweth, Minister of Agriculture, Liberia (02:58)
Nana Kojo Krah, Fisherman, Republic of Ghana (01:01)
Moana Carcasses Kalosil, Minister of Finance, Vanuatu (00:57)
Rachel Kyte, Vice President, Sustainable Development Network, The World Bank (00:48)
Roger Bing, Vice President, Seafood Purchasing, Darden Restaurants (00:46)
Ahmed Afif, Principal Secretary for Finance and Trade, Ministry of Finance, Republic of Seychelles (00:47)
Alfred Alfred, Finance Secretary, Marshall Islands (00:24)
W. Dexter Paine III, Paine & Partners (01:33)